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Fifty Reasons President Barack Obama Shouldn’t be Reelected

1. Our nation’s debt is more than sixteen trillion dollars. Six trillion was added under this administration. 2. The rate of unemployment is 8.1% which is more like fifteen or twenty percent when the underemployed and those who have quit … Continue reading

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Review of Rare Earth

In Davis Bunn’s Rare Earth, Marc Royce has been sent to a country and a people who desperately need help. The continent of Africa which has already been ravaged by war, famine, political upheaval, and poverty, now experiences a volcanic … Continue reading

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Being George Washington:The Indespensible Man as You’ve Never Seen Him

Glenn Beck’s Being George Washington: The Indispensible Man As you’ve Never Seen Him is a book worthy of a read. In it you will see through the eyes of our first president as he faces the challenges he encounters with … Continue reading

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The Untouchable

Micah was a dead man walking. The only thing he could do now was wait for the sentence to be carried out. He was no criminal, but he was still in prison, the prison of his own body. He was … Continue reading

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