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What is Reformation Day All About? By Robert Rothwell

Tomorrow, much of the culture will be focused on candy and things that go bump in the night. Protestants, however, have something far more significant to celebrate on October 31. Tomorrow is Reformation day, which commemorates what was perhaps the … Continue reading

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Debunked: Dan Brown’s Claim that Jesus is not God

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Happy Columbus Day from Colonel Allen West

Happy Politically Incorrect Columbus Day. Did you know there’s a link between Islamic conquest and Columbus’ discovery of the New World? In 711 an Islamic force invaded the Iberian peninsula, defeated the Visigoths and pushed on to France. In France, … Continue reading

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An Important Question by Pastor John Samson

Pastor John, I was greatly troubled in a service recently when the preacher said that unless each person could identify the specific day that they prayed “the sinner’s prayer” they were not converted. He then said that if in fact … Continue reading

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