A Living Hope

Katherine's Chronicle

It was over. He was dead. The disciples had seen it with their own eyes. The Messiah who was to deliver them from Roman tyranny had been executed by those He was supposed to conquer. Now, with His death, their hopes for a restored Jewish kingdom had died as well. They had left everything to follow Him, only to have it end like this? They had seen him change water into wine and create bread out of nothing. He had made blind men see, lame men walk, and dead men live. Why could He not save Himself?

On this dark Friday, how were they to know that, as soon as Sunday, the first rays of light would pierce through the darkness and reveal an empty tomb. And, with the dawn, they would realize that they had been set free from powers far greater than any earthly empire could impose. What…

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About Katherine Wacker

Katherine Wacker is currently a reviewer for Bethany House Publishers, and Howard Books. She is a Craftsman graduate of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild. She holds a B.A in History from San Diego State-Imperial Valley Campus. In her spare time she likes to read books, watch sports, and do jigsaw puzzles. She lives at home with her parents and three dogs, Charlie, Roscoe and Daisy.
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