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Review of Spy of Richmond

  In her novel, Spy of Richmond, Jocelyn Green tells the story of Sophie Kent, the daughter of a southern slaveholder who dares to write abolitionist articles for the newspaper. When she is caught, she must redirect her efforts. Convinced … Continue reading

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Review of Dreaming Spies

  In her book, Dreaming Spies: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, Laurie R. King weaves a tale of intrigue and international blackmail. The famous couple is seeking rest and relaxation on a boat bound for … Continue reading

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Class, Race, And Illegal Immigration By Victor Davis Hanson Posted February 20, 2015

The driving forces behind three decades of de facto non-enforcement of federal immigration law were largely the interests of elites across the political spectrum. Employers in agriculture, construction, the hospitality industry, landscaping, and food processing wanted access to cheap, industrious … Continue reading

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A Reflection By Elliott Preston Orr

People say with albeit good intentions That if God heals me then His glory will be shown, But people often hesitate to mention The other side of His omniscient throne. For God to show His power through healing Would be … Continue reading

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Books Are Fun In More Ways Than One….

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Review of The Patmos Deception

In Davis Bunn’s book, The Patmos Deception, childhood friends Nick and Cary are reunited years later when they attempt to track down ancient artifacts that have gone missing in modern-day Greece. These relics are crucial in preserving Church History and … Continue reading

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Review of Eight Twenty-Eight

In their book, Eight Twenty-Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up, Larissa and Ian Murphy recount their story of love, upcoming marriage and a horrific car accident that puts their lives on hold. Dreams of happiness and hope were replaced in … Continue reading

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