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The Monk Who Was Not Good Enough By Nathan Busenitz

Nathan Busenitz  October 29, 2015 It was just over 500 years ago, in the fall of 1510, that a desperate Roman Catholic monk made what he thought would be the spiritual pilgrimage of a lifetime. He had become a monk five … Continue reading

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Joey and Rory–Leave It There

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Christopher Leavell: Joy When You Have No Strength

  Christopher Leavell went to be with Lord on October 15, 2015. Please keep his family in your prayers.

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The New World Map By Victor Davis Hanson

Adolf Hitler started World War II by attacking Poland on September 1, 1939. Nazi Germany moved only after it had already remilitarized the Rhineland, absorbed Austria, and dismantled Czechoslovakia. Before the outbreak of the war, Hitler’s new Third Reich had … Continue reading

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What Bill O’Reilly’s new book on Ronald Reagan gets wrong about Ronald Reagan

Bad sources and old misconceptions persist in “Killing Reagan”   By Craig Shirley, Kiron K. Skinner, Paul Kengor and Steven F. Hayward   Ronald Prescott Reagan is referred to as “Ron Jr,” a minor matter but a revealing one. The … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

I cannot really remember when I did not love to read books. I do know that I was very eager to learn to read, and that I quickly found myself immersed in the world of books and literature. It may … Continue reading

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The Gun Control Farce by Thomas Sowell

President Obama’s intrusion into the mourning community of Roseburg, Oregon, in order to promote his political crusade for stronger gun control laws, is part of a pattern of his using various other sites of shooting rampages in the past to … Continue reading

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75 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb By Jeff Haden

Using the right word can matter. Using the wrong word can matter even more. I once lost a potential writing gig because I used “who” instead of “whom” in a proposal letter. (And I still have trouble getting “who” and … Continue reading

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Were Early Christian Scribes Untrained Amateurs? By Michael Kruger

  In the ongoing debates about the reliability of early Christian manuscripts, and whether they have been transmitted with fidelity, it is often claimed that early Christian scribes were amateurs, unprofessional, and some probably couldn’t even read. In Michael Satlow’s … Continue reading

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