Review of American Hunter

American Hunter


In his book, American Hunter: How Legendary Hunters Shaped America, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson traces the history of American hunting through the profiles of icons Daniel Boone, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ernest Hemingway. Beginning with the earliest American settlers all the way through to today, Robertson tells the story of hunters and their impact on American culture. American Hunter is an easy, entertaining read in which Robertson’s down-home sense of humor shines throughout the book. The volume is not exhaustive, but it gives the reader insight into the people and places that have influenced our national heritage.

Not a hunter myself, the types of firearms discussed in American Hunter are a bit over my head, but the history of the people is not. I enjoyed the stories about these characters who are larger than life. So much so, that it makes me want to know more. If you love hunting, History, or Duck Dynasty, you will enjoy American Hunter.


I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


About Katherine Wacker

Katherine Wacker is currently a reviewer for Bethany House Publishers, and Howard Books. She is a Craftsman graduate of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild. She holds a B.A in History from San Diego State-Imperial Valley Campus. In her spare time she likes to read books, watch sports, and do jigsaw puzzles. She lives at home with her parents and three dogs, Charlie, Roscoe and Daisy.
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