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This one theory explains why there is no salvation in Trump or Hillary By Logan Albright

In the constant groping by political commentators for an explanation of the rise of Donald Trump, many have fallen back on a 19th Century theory of history known as the “Great Man Theory.” Stated briefly, the theory holds that major … Continue reading

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What Do You Fear?

  Posted: July 25, 2016 on Writing About Writing’s Facebook Page

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Tribute to Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr.

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10 Reasons Why Reading Might be the Best Activity for a Healthy Body and Mind

Develop a love for reading beginning now and you can reap many benefits. Whether you prefer reading books on paper or e-readers, reading stimulates your brain in a way that television cannot. These 10 benefits of reading every day will … Continue reading

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Should You Use a Comma After “But”? By Marko Ticak

Usually, the only time you should use a comma after “but” is when “but” is followed by a parenthetical element. Use a comma before “but” if it’s at the beginning of an independent clause. Playing fast and loose with your … Continue reading

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The Bible Project-Deuteronomy

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The Perfect Game By Tim Challies

  Baseball returns this evening from its annual mid-season classic. As the teams prepare to take the field I find myself thinking about the game I love, the game that has gripped and fascinated me for as long as I … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Pirate’s Family By Peter Leavell

My wife sat at the canoe’s bow. I played rudder in the back, while my son (16) and daughter (13) rowed. We floated on heavy waves within sight of Seattle’s Space Needle. We weren’t making much headway against the wind. … Continue reading

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Who was Athanasius and Why Was He Important By Ryan M. Reeves

Athanasius headed to exile This is part of a series that will blog through Trevin Wax’s choices for Christianity’s Most Important Theologians. We will explore each to show why Trevin and others find these figures so influential.  Athanasius is the … Continue reading

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The Policeman By Paul Harvey

Originally posted on Katherine's Chronicle: Note: Paul Harvey’s father was killed in the line of duty when Harvey was three years old.

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