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Nebraska: Return to Glory

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The Landscape of Character Building By Lori Benton

The seasons of the writing life allow me time to pursue another creative passion, landscape photography, and my home state of Oregon offers an abundance of breathtaking subjects. From lush snow-capped mountains to rugged coastline, thundering waterfalls to high desert … Continue reading

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Trump Is Playing a Long Game With China

By Andy Puzder & Jim Talent August 24, 2019 America has the upper hand in the ongoing trade negotiations with China, and the temporary reprieve that President Trump recently gave the Chinese regime is only further proof that our strong … Continue reading

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Why You Should Read More (and Less) Books by Allen Nelson IV

Sometimes I like to smell books. I’m a weirdo, I know. My wife makes fun of me for it. There’s just something about smelling the pages of a new or old or somewhere in between book that fascinates me. I’m … Continue reading

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Defuse Vs. Diffuse

DEFUSE, a verb, meaning “to make a threatening or dangerous situation safer.” For example, you might defuse a tense situation by stepping in between two people who are arguing, or you might defuse a ticking bomb by pulling the red … Continue reading

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Evidence of Biblical Story Found in Layers of Jerusalem Ash By Aaron Earls

  The Bible describes King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon laying siege to Jerusalem and specifically burning down the temple, the palace and “all the great houses” (2 Kings 25:9). A group of archaeologists believe they’ve found one of those great houses … Continue reading

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Review of Humble Calvinism

  In his book, Humble Calvinism, J.A. Medders makes the case that Calvinist Christians should be the most gracious people on the planet. Yet, humility is sometimes not fully exhibited in certain theological circles. As a Calvinist himself, Medders explores … Continue reading

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