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Review of The Legacy of Luther

  In their book, The Legacy of Luther, Editors R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols examine the life and work of the conflicted German monk who sparked the Reformation. In this new volume published 500 years after the pivotal event in … Continue reading

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Never Forget

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What Robert E. Lee Wrote to The Times About Slavery in 1858 By JACEY FORTIN

  General Robert E. Lee in May 1869. Credit Library of Congress One day in January, a few years before the Civil War, Robert E. Lee wrote to The New York Times, seeking a correction. The man who would become … Continue reading

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Bigger Than Baseball

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Miracle At Dunkirk by Victor Davis Hanson

A quarter-million troops of the British Expeditionary Force, together with about 140,000 French and Belgian soldiers, were safely evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk, France between May 26 and June 4, 1940, in one of the largest successful maritime evacuations … Continue reading

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Wine Meant to Toast John Adams’s Presidency Was Just Discovered Nick Mafi

The wine, which is nearly as old as America, is the largest known collection of Madeira in the country Liberty Hall Museum—which is located on the campus of Kean University, one of New Jersey’s largest state schools—has been going through … Continue reading

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Ancient Laws, Modern Wars Victor Davis Hanson

The most dangerous moments in foreign affairs often come after a major power seeks to reassert its lost deterrence. The United States may be entering just such a perilous transitional period. Rightly or wrongly, China, Iran, North Korea, Russia and … Continue reading

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