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New Research Explains How The Pen Is Mightier Than The Keyboard

How do you take notes? On a computer? with a pen and paper? Not at all? Well a new study is showing how taking notes a certain way may actually help you more effectively learn information. We wish we could … Continue reading

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What’s Left on the Moon?

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Celebrating the Sanctity of Life

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Birds Rub Ants on Themselves, and No One Knows Exactly Why by Eric Grundhauser

Blue jays, among other birds, like to rub themselves with ants. 442683/Public Domain Birds can be weird, and one of the weirdest things they’ve been known to do is called “anting.” Though the specifics can vary, at its most basic, … Continue reading

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How Baseballs Are Made

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Reading Wars Philip Yancy

I am going through a personal crisis. I used to love reading. I am writing this blog in my office, surrounded by 27 tall bookcases laden with some 5,000 books. Over the years I have read them, marked them up, … Continue reading

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Brain Scientists: ‘Learning Styles’ Like Auditory, Visual, And Kinesthetic Are Bunk By Joy Pullmann

While nearly 90 percent of Americans think people have unique learning styles — the best known are labeled auditory, visual, and kinesthetic — cognitive research has steadily debunked the idea over time. To mark Brain Awareness Week this month, 30 internationally respected … Continue reading

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