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Wine Meant to Toast John Adams’s Presidency Was Just Discovered Nick Mafi

The wine, which is nearly as old as America, is the largest known collection of Madeira in the country Liberty Hall Museum—which is located on the campus of Kean University, one of New Jersey’s largest state schools—has been going through … Continue reading

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Review of Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln

  In his book, Your Friend Forever, A.Lincoln:The Enduring Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed, Charles B. Strozier takes an in-depth look at one of closest relationships of our 16th President. Using correspondence between the two men, other contemporaries’ … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Signers of The Declaration of Independence by Paul Harvey

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Review of Killing Patton

In their book, Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War Two’s Most Audacious General, Authors Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard write a riveting account of the waning days of the Second World War and the last months of the … Continue reading

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Happy Columbus Day from Colonel Allen West

Happy Politically Incorrect Columbus Day. Did you know there’s a link between Islamic conquest and Columbus’ discovery of the New World? In 711 an Islamic force invaded the Iberian peninsula, defeated the Visigoths and pushed on to France. In France, … Continue reading

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