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A Stack of Books for the Season: Summer Reading List for 2017

With the arrival of warm weather, most of us are able to turn to a stack of books that had to wait for summer. The following is my list of ten recommended books for summer reading. This list must be … Continue reading

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5 Questions To Ask of a Book Before You Read It By Tim Challies

They are far and away the most common questions I receive (beyond, perhaps, how to pronounce my name—it rhymes with “valleys”): Can you tell me anything about this author? Have you heard of this book? Is it safe to read? … Continue reading

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Old Books by Darryl Dash

I love new books. When a publisher’s catalog of upcoming books lands on my desk with a thud, I’m happy. So many books to read, so little time. I plan on continuing to buy new books. But I also need … Continue reading

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The Typographical Reformation by Timothy George

  The English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561-1626) once said that the three greatest inventions during his lifetime were gunpowder, the mariner’s compass, and printing. Gunpowder forever changed the nature of armed conflict and introduced an era of savage warfare that … Continue reading

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Drop Everything and Read By Darryl Dash

When my kids were younger they attended schools with an initiative called “Drop Everything and Read.” The idea was simple. Students could pick their own book, lay aside other obligations, and read for the joy of it. There would be … Continue reading

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Why We Love to Read By Tim Challies

I have watched the avid outdoorsman, the fisherman, come slowly drifting by. He goes by morning after morning, day after day, always at the same time, always casting into the same locations. He is patiently waiting for the big one, … Continue reading

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Watching TV While God Builds My Life By Peter Leavell

God says a wise man builds a house on rock instead of sand. Sometimes I think God’s talking about building the books we’re writing. (Matthew 7:24-27) The problem is, I’d much rather build my manuscript on sand. Hot sand. Under … Continue reading

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