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What a Trumpian Supreme Court Might Look Like? By John Yoo and Jeremy Rabkin

Would justices appointed by Trump be able to restrain him?   In 1952, the National Archives in Washington arranged to put an original parchment text of the Constitution — along with an original parchment text of the Declaration of Independence … Continue reading

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This one theory explains why there is no salvation in Trump or Hillary By Logan Albright

In the constant groping by political commentators for an explanation of the rise of Donald Trump, many have fallen back on a 19th Century theory of history known as the “Great Man Theory.” Stated briefly, the theory holds that major … Continue reading

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Dear Christian Leaders, You’re Playing a Very Dangerous Game By Steve Deace

    DISCLAIMER: I am grateful for the opportunity I have here at Conservative Review to reach those on the broad spectrum of conservatism on several issues, some of which conservatives don’t always agree on. But in this case I’m writing … Continue reading

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Dear Ted Cruz – Thank You By: John Gray and Brian Darling

As two liberty-minded conservatives, we want to thank you for your contributions during this presidential race. Though we were sad to see you withdraw your candidacy, your campaign has provided us with renewed hope for the conservative movement. Your involvement … Continue reading

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