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The operational miracle that was D-Day

Seventy years ago this June 6, the Americans, British and Canadians stormed the beaches of Normandy in the largest amphibious invasion of Europe since the Persian king, Xerxes, invaded Greece in 480 B.C. About 160,000 troops landed on five Normandy … Continue reading

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How One German City Changed the Way We Read By Madhvi Ramani

The German city of Mainz lies on the banks of the River Rhine. It is most notable for its wine, its cathedral and for being the home of Johannes Gutenberg, who introduced the printing press to Europe. Although these things … Continue reading

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Civilization’s ‘Darkest Hour’ Review by Victor Davis Hanson

  The new film “Darkest Hour” offers the diplomatic side to the recent action movie “Dunkirk.” The story unfolds with the drama of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill assuming power during the Nazi invasion of France in May 1940. Churchill’s … Continue reading

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Miracle At Dunkirk by Victor Davis Hanson

A quarter-million troops of the British Expeditionary Force, together with about 140,000 French and Belgian soldiers, were safely evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk, France between May 26 and June 4, 1940, in one of the largest successful maritime evacuations … Continue reading

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The History Behind “Silent Night” By Ryne Reeves

This year, my home has been warmed by the sound of my 8-year-old practicing the piano. Her first recital is tomorrow, and the song she will perform is Silent Night. As it turns out, the man who wrote the words for Silent Night was … Continue reading

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Review of Dead Wake

  In his incredible best-seller, Dead Wake, Erik Larson gives a riveting account of the sinking of the Lusitania, the luxury liner which made its ill-fated voyage from New York to Liverpool in the midst of U-boat infested waters. Using … Continue reading

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Why America Was Indispensable to the Allies’ Winning World War II by Victor Davis Hanson

May 8 marked the end of World War II in Europe 70 years ago — a horrific conflict that is still fought over by historians. More than 60 million people perished — some 50 million of them in Eastern Europe, … Continue reading

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