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How to Write a Thank You Note (and why you should)

In this era, steeped in technology, it’s hard to sit down and hand-write a thank-you note when sending a text, tweet or email is so much easier. Those forms of thank-yous might be immediate, but they’re hardly as personal as … Continue reading

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Things I’m Thankful for—Part V

    My sister is here for Thanksgiving. A dishwasher. The Dewey Decimators. A Facebook book club. A puppy who comes when I call him. A new President whose name isn’t Clinton. A window in my office. My mom is … Continue reading

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Fifty Things I Am Thankful For–Part IV

1. My puppy Roscoe is alive and well after a wild animal attack 2. For my other puppies who saved him 3. My sister is coming home for Thanksgiving 4. Award-winning published authors who are willing to help those of … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Medley

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Fifty More Things I Am Thankful for (In Random Order)

(For original list see Archives November 2012) 1. A warm puppy on my lap—especially when I don’t feel good. 2. The sound of rain. 3. Lots of leftovers during the holidays. 4. The smell of pie baking in the oven. … Continue reading

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