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Columbus Day — and its Enemies By Charles Lipson

You don’t have a buy a party hat or uncork the champagne. It’s a minor holiday. But Columbus Day is still worth celebrating, and those who attack it are worth rebutting. The focus should not be the navigator himself. He … Continue reading

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The (Still) Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe by Natasha Geiling

It was raining in Baltimore on October 3, 1849, but that didn’t stop Joseph W. Walker, a compositor for the Baltimore Sun, from heading out to Gunner’s Hall, a public house bustling with activity. It was Election Day, and Gunner’s … Continue reading

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Off The Wall: We Decide Who & What Gets Our Attention– Mike Rowe

September 24, 2017 Hey Mike – I know you avoid politics, (thanks!) and I remember your rant on the Colt’s leaving Baltimore. (As a former Brown’s fan, I feel your pain.) But I gotta ask – what’s happening to professional … Continue reading

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Review of Urban Shocker

In his book, Urban Shocker: Silent Hero of Baseball’s Golden Age, Steve Steinburg tells the story of one of the greatest pitchers in history, although few fans have heard of him. Shocker came to the New York Yankees in the … Continue reading

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Never Forget

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What Robert E. Lee Wrote to The Times About Slavery in 1858 By JACEY FORTIN

  General Robert E. Lee in May 1869. Credit Library of Congress One day in January, a few years before the Civil War, Robert E. Lee wrote to The New York Times, seeking a correction. The man who would become … Continue reading

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Miracle At Dunkirk by Victor Davis Hanson

A quarter-million troops of the British Expeditionary Force, together with about 140,000 French and Belgian soldiers, were safely evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk, France between May 26 and June 4, 1940, in one of the largest successful maritime evacuations … Continue reading

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