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Why Does It Take So Long? Book Publishing from Conception to Publication By Jocelyn Green

Every once in a while, someone will ask me why, for the love of new releases, does it take so long for my next book to come out? After all, I turned A Refuge Assured (link is external) into the … Continue reading

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Entry 10: Death, Comedy, and Lincoln

Originally posted on Civil War Pop:
Our American Cousin. Written by Tom Taylor. Release Date: October 15, 1858 (in America). Script Available on Google Books. Our American Cousin comes down to us primarily as the play Abraham Lincoln was watching…

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Review of Spy of Richmond

  In her novel, Spy of Richmond, Jocelyn Green tells the story of Sophie Kent, the daughter of a southern slaveholder who dares to write abolitionist articles for the newspaper. When she is caught, she must redirect her efforts. Convinced … Continue reading

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