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Pearl Harbor and the Legacy of Carl Vinson Victor Davis Hanson

    His monumental contributions to American security are largely unknown to Americans today.   Seventy-six years ago on Dec. 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese fleet surprise-attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the home port of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.   Japanese … Continue reading

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Why Trump Fired Comey By Andrew McCarthy

At last, at least for your humble correspondent, this week’s big hearing brought clarity. I now believe President Donald Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey because he believes Comey intentionally misled the public into believing Trump was … Continue reading

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O’Reilly, Ailes, and the Toxic Conservative-Celebrity Culture by David French

Knifework, not character or integrity, is what we demand from our ideological gladiators. We’re paying the price. There are those who say that the Left is “taking scalps,” and they have a list of Republican victims to prove their thesis. … Continue reading

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What a Trumpian Supreme Court Might Look Like? By John Yoo and Jeremy Rabkin

Would justices appointed by Trump be able to restrain him?   In 1952, the National Archives in Washington arranged to put an original parchment text of the Constitution — along with an original parchment text of the Declaration of Independence … Continue reading

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Fourteen years ago — on September 11, 2001 — America was blindsided by the forces of radical Islam. Pre-9/11, American leaders rightly understood that the vast majority of the world’s Muslims were generally peace-loving people who posed no threat to … Continue reading

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Why America Was Indispensable to the Allies’ Winning World War II by Victor Davis Hanson

May 8 marked the end of World War II in Europe 70 years ago — a horrific conflict that is still fought over by historians. More than 60 million people perished — some 50 million of them in Eastern Europe, … Continue reading

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Walker Adopts Sessions’s Hard Line on Immigration, Dividing Himself from the Rest of the Field–By Jim Geraghty

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, the all-but-declared Republican presidential candidate currently leading the polls in Iowa, sounds more like Alabama senator Jeff Sessions when he discusses immigration issues these days. “The next president and the next Congress need to make decisions … Continue reading

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