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7 Jane Austen Quotes To Live By By Sarah Cool

Known for her wit and wisdom, Jane Austen was never at a loss for words on writing, nor were her characters at a loss for their follies and humor. If you’ve never read Jane Austen – and there are undoubtedly … Continue reading

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12 of Our All-Time Favorite Quotes About Writing By Crafty House

There’s something about a quote that’s eloquently written about a topic you’re absolutely in love with that just stops your heart for a second. And these people certainly know how to say it right! Read our favorite quotes about reading … Continue reading

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Have You Heard Of An Incunable Book Before? See Why They’re So Rare And Valuable Here! By Crafty House

For the bookworms among us (people, not actual worms), old books are some of our most treasured possessions. But I doubt you own any books quite this old. If you own an incunable book, that means you own one of … Continue reading

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150-Year-Old Letter Written by Famous Author Found in National Archives By Chris Foster

A simple letter written from a Civil War soldier in Washington, D.C. sat in the National Archives for decades without anyone noticing its significance. The correspondence was somewhat normal and mundane. That is, until the signature of the person who … Continue reading

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The Amazing Benefits of Creative Time By Page Turner

Did you know that your health and personal well-being can benefit when you make time to be creative? It’s true! Whether you write, draw, scrapbook, or create quilts, when you engage in something creative, your mind and body benefits. Here’s … Continue reading

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New Research Explains How The Pen Is Mightier Than The Keyboard via The Writer’s Circle

In her graduate assistant days, psychological scientist Pam Mueller of Princeton University used to take notes just like everyone else in the modern age: with a computer. One day, Mueller forgot her laptop and had to take notes the old-fashioned … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Reading Might be the Best Activity for a Healthy Body and Mind

Develop a love for reading beginning now and you can reap many benefits. Whether you prefer reading books on paper or e-readers, reading stimulates your brain in a way that television cannot. These 10 benefits of reading every day will … Continue reading

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