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Jesus Isn’t Threatened by Your Christmas Gifts By Tim Challies

  Christmas is fast approaching and, not surprisingly, my kids are looking forward to seeing what’s under the tree. The girls, at least, are still young enough that they are waiting with bated breath to learn what treasures they’ll be … Continue reading

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Why I Love to Read Non-Christian Books by Tim Challies

My practice of reading goes through phases. There are times where I just cannot get enough of the newest Christian books, and there are times where reading yet another Christian book seems almost intolerable. In some seasons I love to … Continue reading

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Reading Out of Love for Others Tim Challies

Reading is a solitary pursuit. You grab your book, you kick back on the couch, and the hours roll by. But even though reading is a solitary pursuit, it is not necessarily a selfish one. Reading can actually be an … Continue reading

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The Perfect Game By Tim Challies

  Baseball returns this evening from its annual mid-season classic. As the teams prepare to take the field I find myself thinking about the game I love, the game that has gripped and fascinated me for as long as I … Continue reading

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Review Of Eve By Tim Challies

  On the positive side, I think [William] Paul Young has become a markedly better writer since The Shack. On the negative side, he continues to use his writing to undermine and redefine Christian theology. By my reckoning, that’s a … Continue reading

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