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UCF’s Scott Frost was born to coach, with parents fueling his journey from Nebraska to Florida By Shannon Green

LINCOLN, Neb. — Larry and Carol Frost‘s quaint, multi-level home is the easiest one to locate in their suburban Nebraska neighborhood under a dark, December sky. They are the only family on the block who have a row of glowing … Continue reading

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Insider Magazine: A baseball hero’s heroes by Jill Painter

(A version of this story originally appeared in the ninth edition of the 2017 Dodger Insider Magazine.)   Every home game during the middle of the second inning, the Dodgers recognize a member of the armed forces near the Dodgers … Continue reading

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My Field of Memories: I See the New Dodgers and Summon the Old By GEORGE VECSEY

Ticketless fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers tried to sneak a peek during a World Series game at Ebbets Field in 1953. Credit Arthur Brower/The New York Times The home uniforms remind me of my tormented youth — blue and red … Continue reading

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How Baseballs Are Made

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Off The Wall: We Decide Who & What Gets Our Attention– Mike Rowe

September 24, 2017 Hey Mike – I know you avoid politics, (thanks!) and I remember your rant on the Colt’s leaving Baltimore. (As a former Brown’s fan, I feel your pain.) But I gotta ask – what’s happening to professional … Continue reading

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Review of Urban Shocker

In his book, Urban Shocker: Silent Hero of Baseball’s Golden Age, Steve Steinburg tells the story of one of the greatest pitchers in history, although few fans have heard of him. Shocker came to the New York Yankees in the … Continue reading

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Bigger Than Baseball

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