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Do Facts Matter Anymore? By Thomas Sowell

Amid the rioting in Milwaukee, there is also a clash between two leading lawmen there — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and the city of Milwaukee’s Chief of Police Edward Flynn. They have very different opinions about how law enforcement … Continue reading

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The Macaroni in ‘Yankee Doodle’ is Not What You Think By Michael Waters

  An engraving of a “macaroni’s dressing room,” from 1772. (Photo: Wellcome Images, London/CC BY 4.0)   Meet the stylish gender-role rebels of 1770s England. Generations of American kids forced to sing “Yankee Doodle” have grown up justifiably puzzled by … Continue reading

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Lifetime of Study by Peter Leavell

Push yourself. No one will do it for you. Your characters are only as brilliant as you. Book clubs across the world, critics living in New York, and college professors looking for something to be angry about, read our work. The … Continue reading

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The Bible Project—The Law

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What a Trumpian Supreme Court Might Look Like? By John Yoo and Jeremy Rabkin

Would justices appointed by Trump be able to restrain him?   In 1952, the National Archives in Washington arranged to put an original parchment text of the Constitution — along with an original parchment text of the Declaration of Independence … Continue reading

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Sic Definition By Marko Ticak

Sic can be one of several things: An adverb denoting that something is quoted as is, including mistakes. A Scottish word with the same meaning as such. A verb meaning “to attack” or “to entice to attack.” Sic is the … Continue reading

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Why We Love to Read By Tim Challies

I have watched the avid outdoorsman, the fisherman, come slowly drifting by. He goes by morning after morning, day after day, always at the same time, always casting into the same locations. He is patiently waiting for the big one, … Continue reading

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He Will Hold Me Fast – Keith and Kristyn Getty

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New Research Explains How The Pen Is Mightier Than The Keyboard via The Writer’s Circle

In her graduate assistant days, psychological scientist Pam Mueller of Princeton University used to take notes just like everyone else in the modern age: with a computer. One day, Mueller forgot her laptop and had to take notes the old-fashioned … Continue reading

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6 Christian Athletes to Watch at Rio 2016 By Bethany Jenkins

Athletes in Rio are facing more hurdles than usual at the Olympics this year. Outdoor swimmers are being told to “keep your mouths closed” because the bay has raw sewage. A jiu-jitsu athlete from New Zealand was kidnapped and robbed. Others … Continue reading

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